• Special note: Blip.fm discontinued their API, so Blip Tunes cannot connect to most of the stations. Please send an e-mail to support@blip.fm to suggest them to activate it again.
  • What is Blip Tunes?
    A Blip.fm® unofficial station tuner optimized for listening on tablets and smartphones. We recommend Mozilla Firefox for the best uninterrupted playing experience.
  • How can I tune a station?
    In the Station Tuner follow these steps:
    1. -Type the name of the DJ that you want to tune;
    2. -Select the number of blips that you want to listen to (optional, 25 by default);
    3. -Type the offset or number of blips that you want to skip (optional, 0 by default);
    4. -Check "Blip text" to view the Blip DJ's messages;
    5. -Check "Video Thumbnails" to view video thumbnails on the playlist. Mind that the playlist loads slower;
    6. -Check "Link to view blip in Blip.fm" to navigate to the original blip. There you can reply, reblip, give props, etc;
    7. -Click on "Tune Station" to load the blips from your selected DJ. Tap on any blip to start playing the music.
  • Is there a shorter way to tune a DJ's station?
    There is: simply add the name of the DJ directly in the address bar, i.e. bliptunes.com/frolica.
  • Do I have to load more blips manually?
    The player will do it automatically for you, until the last blip. But you can always load more blips manually by clicking "Load More Blips" at the end of the playlist.
  • Can I create my own playlist and listen to it on Blip Tunes?
    Yes, you can –but not on this site. You need to be a DJ in Blip.fm. Sign up! It's free and fun. Start blipping and then come back to Blip Tunes to listen to your own station.
  • Can I change the station?
    Yes, just tune another DJ station in the Station Tuner.
  • I am a Blip DJ, I deleted my station but I can tune it on Blip Tunes, can you block it for me?
    Yes, please send an e-mail to feedback at bliptunes dot com and we will block it for you again.
  • Why is the Youtube video size small?
    To minimize the stream size. Still it is possible to play it in full screen mode.
  • Who is the Double-Bass player in the background?
    Gord McKenna, this picture was taken by his son. You may visit his Flickr page.
  • Who is the desperate man? What is he doing here?
    Some videos might not be available in your country due to distribution rights. The desperate man shares his incredulity with you.
  • Can I report an issue or send an idea?
    More than welcome! Please send it to: feedback at bliptunes dot com
  • How big is the Cookie Monster on this site?
    We use a minimum set of cookies to store the Station Tuner settings and a few more by Google Analytics to do its stuff.
  • Who developed this site?
    A Blip.fm DJ: Daniel Ramos.
  • I enjoy the app, can I make a donation to support it?
    Sure you can, via PayPal! Thank you very much :-)